Career Management

There are talented players, who get themselves motivated by “the chances of success” and their own “ambition” but there are also players that need a constant impulse from outside. For both groups we are the right contact.

baumgarten sports & more does not only stand at the playing field, we see it as our duty to watch over your personal environment to guarantee that no burden affects the performance on the field.

Our clients can focus a 100 % on their sports career.

We also offer individually customized career management for ambitious coaches and managers from the 1st and 2nd divisions.

Our levers of success:

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Exclusive Advice on Sports

Based on the observation of numerous matches we offer all extensive sportive assistance.

We will make a specific analysis from each of our players, based on a specific questionaire. Further we review all facts in a dialog.

How many header – duels were won? How was the one-on-one ratio? How many losses of ball possession were counted? On demand we send the players the results over a selected period of time, so that trends and prospects can be recognized. Those analyses are always made based on best in class level and are necessary to identify the strength and weaknesses and to implement counteractive measures if required.

Aside from the performance of the players on the pitch our main attention of our match observation lies in the physical condition and technical abilities. Here it is also necessary to analyze deficits and to present approaches for improvement.


Additionally, we are in a constant dialog with coaches, managers and the press. This allows us to get a broad general view of our clients. What are the current requirements? Is the current team planning with the player? This additional information can help us to manage an optimal career.

Of course we also get all the new information regarding new training methods. Furthermore, we have several well experienced partners who can help our players with additional physical and mental trainings to improve their efficiency.

Personality development

Talent on its own does not make you a sport star!

Only those, who see success as an essential part of their lives and are additionally mentally strong enough to get over negative experiences can make a great leap forward.          

To support our players during their development we work closely together with well known mental-coaches and sport psychologists who deal with them if desired. Especially young players get the opportunity to learn about this possibility during organized events, where experts deliver insight into their mental work.

Of his entire career a sport star is only 1 % effectively in the stadium but also during the other 99 % always under observation. His attitude towards fans, the press, his current and following employers and potential business partners has to be appropriate and respectful at all times. To train these skills as well we offer media coaches with known partner from radio and television. We also possess strong expertise in this field.

Apart from acting as agents between our players and renowned experts we are also available as sparring partner for our players. Our aim is to convey a self-reflecting way of thinking, so that they will be able to recognize by themselves in which areas they have to work on concerning their abilities.

Especially these skills make the difference between good and excellent players.

Assurance - Management

Sometimes the end of a career comes faster than intended.

That is why we start very early to think about it. We offer an accurate, extensive assurance management.  Assurance and the conservation of values are the most important things, because greed is a bad advisor. Together with our partners we support our clients not only with the management of financial assets and insurances but also with tax computation and private accounting.

We also keep ourselves well informed of all relevant themes and so our partners and we are competent advisors in all areas. Furthermore we take care of it either personally or in cooperation with one of our selected partners.

The question our players all face is: “What happens after the active career? Therefore our clients have the possibility to start an academic course or an apprenticeship during their career to get ready for potential jobs in club management. Those who see their future in the sports area will get our full support to make all essential coaching licenses that are required.


And even more:

We sign the right contracts with sponsors and providers of sporting equipment and gear. Beyond that we put you in touch with important decision makers of the business, which will also be decisive for the time after the professional career. Always staying true to our spirit: “Those who stand in the light during their professional career should not stand in the shadow afterwards. “


"Service is our success!"

This is the slogan from our highly motivated Back Office team. They assure that our clients do not lack in anything so that they can focus on their career. The lineup of the offered services goes from moving-service and searching for the best nursery schools to the support with administrational matters and ordering cars and beyond.

If there should be any juristic problem, we have the necessary contacts available to support you with judicial matters.

There is no problem that cannot be fixed!

We personally and our exclusive cooperation-partners are here to assist you with greatest pleasure:

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