Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten

Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten

Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten

Dear visitors,

“Those who stand in the Light during their professional career, should not stand in the shadow afterwards”

This guiding theme is one of numerous reasons, why I recently built up a new sports management agency together with a small but highly motivated team.

In the past years I have gotten to know many players and I had to notice, that a great number of those who have not had a sincere and adept partner during their career where unhappy, lost their way and sometimes even became broke.


baumgarten sports & more gives you all information in respect to a successful career. In my agency the most important thing is the personal assistance before, during and after a professional sports career. Our main concern is to filter the young players with great athleticism and personal abilities and support them with our exclusive and personal training, so that they can develop a strong personality that can live a happy, successful and healthy life after their career.

baumgarten sports & more aggregates the know-how of over 500 transfers in soccer, which I have managed since becoming the managing director in 2000 finding individual and exclusive answers for every single player. During the past  years I have transferred as many players as no one else from international leagues into the Bundesliga.

Our national and international network that is crucial to our achievements and my carefully selected and highly motivated team stands by for our next challenges.

Our new company is also a platform for new ideas beyond the classic transfer business. Employees, athletes and external partner are invited to bring themselves in, to develop new creative business ideas and impulses and to broaden their horizon together with us. 

The agency explicitly bears my name, because everything that happens at baumgarten sports & more expresses my own holistic, honest, clear, unique, service orientated and successful philosophy of our consulting agency.

But we are also much more than a pure consultant agency for football players. The exclusive and discrete consultancy of sport-coaches, managers and the utilization of our profound network of sport investors are also part of our portfolio. Together with a couple of partners we run the horserace track in Baden-Baden which exists for more than 150 years.

baumgarten sports & more personifies a top – network with lawyers, accountants, sport-functionaries, businessmen, journalists, personality coaches, financial and assurance experts with the essential know-how.

With additional input of ex-professionals, ex-coaches and ex-players our strategic know-how of the professional mechanism grows, giving us new and creative ideas and career approaches for the future.

EVERYONE A DIAMOND - that is our perception, our idea of man:

Because everyone can shine when he not only has great talent and an irrepressible will but also the courage to let himself be guided and to built up a strong distinct personality, which shines on well after the sport career.

I am ready for this and I look forward to the next superstars of tomorrow, who want to go this way with baumgarten sports & more.


Your truely

Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten

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